Jim Bell is the most experienced skateboard ramp builder in the business. Backyard skate ramps to skateparks he’s got you covered! Don’t build yourself get one made by the best!

John M / San Diego

Only a true skater knows how to build the best skateboard ramps. Jim is the rare combination of technical geek (he’s in text books) and true hard working builder.

Sara H / Newport Beach

Halfpipes, grind boxes, pro skate ramps, skate bowls, Jim and team can build them all! Plus,
a quality ramp that won’t break the bank. Give him a call you won’t be disappointed! You’ll be stoked!

Bill / Los Angeles
Jim Bell

This is where all the action happens. Jim gauging the coping making sure your ramp has a perfect reveal…on deck and on surface.

Skate Ramps By Jim Bell

Who is Jim Bell?

Jim Bell is a prolific skate ramp builder in San Diego, California. Since 1998 Jim and his team have built skate ramps and skateparks across the United States and around the world!

If you are considering building a halfpipe, quarter pipe, mini ramp, or skate bowl in your back yard, at your company or at your municipality’s park let us know by filling in the form below. We’ll get back to you right away.

If you have an urgent skate ramp request or if you need your skate fix right away, call us now at: 619-723-8869

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Skateboard Ramps

At Jim Bell skateboard ramps we build custom, affordable and high quality skateboard ramps everyday.

Our mission is to build skateboard ramps and to build skateboarders. We believe skateboard ramps are a great way for friends and families to come together, be active and have fun! In this digital age it’s more important then ever to have reasons to get out side and be active. We hope to make our small mark on the world by designing and building the best skateboard ramps on the planet.

We’re available to chat anytime, and would love to talk through how you can get your very own skate ramp!

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Skatepark Ramps

Whether you want a skate park for a municipality, parks and recreation, skate event, art piece, trade show, tv show, movie, or want a back yard skate park, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team has done it all! Tight deadline, no problem. Need permits, we can help!

With almost 20 years of skatepark building and operating experience we’ve seen almost everything and have solutions to make it reality.

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Half Pipe

The mighty half pipe. A staple in skateboarding and for good reason! Half pipes combine the fun of the mini ramp and set it up with the thrill of something a little bigger and more challenging.

Ready to throw down a mute grab or a 900? The half pipe has been the center piece of many historic moments in skateboarding. Being the featured event for many pro skating demos and national events the half pipe and mega ramp (a giant half pipe) has been there.

Click below to learn more about halfpipes, their place in skateboarding history, pricing, and how you can order your own half pipe today.

Half Pipes

Quarter Pipe

For some a quarter pipe is a launch ramp for most it’s the perfect driveway skateboarding fun!

With all the functionality of a half pipe, a quarter pipe allows more portability as well as more flexibility to gain speed and approach from unique angels. Unlike a half pipe when your done skating (or dare with say using it as a bmx ramp) you can roll it away and store it in your garage or other convenient place.

Click below to learn more about quarter pipe pricing and how to order your own today.

Quarter Pipes

Mini Ramp

Ahhhh… The Mini Ramp. Safe, but not too safe. Big, but not too big. Just like the little bear’s porridge, just right!

This is the perfect ramp for fitting into your garage, bedroom, office, or that perfect spot outside. We customize each mini ramp so that it is functional and fun!

Click below to learn more about how we build mini ramps and how to get your very own!

Mini Ramps

Grind Box

Looking for a stylish and fun way to impress your friends? Look no further then a custom grind box. Perfect as an addition to a mini ramp, quarter pipe or on it’s own.

Hone in all of your tech moves. Board slides,
Smiths, 50/50, Fakies, even Rodney Mullen’s impossible “The Return of the Jedi” become possible with your own grind box. (We don’t guarantee you’ll be able to pull any of these moves, but do guarantee you’ll have the coolest grind box in your hood with one of these bad boys.)

Take the first stepby clicking below to see more photos and to order a fresh new grind box.

Grind Boxes and Rails

Skate Bowl

Nothing says surf skating like dropping into one of our custom made skate bowls. Beginners and pros agree, we all love skating bowls! This super fun design originated from early surfers turned skaters sneaking in and skating abandoned backyard pools.

Now with your own skate bowl you don’t have to run from the law! You and your friends can enjoy an affordable and high quality skate bowl from the comfort of your own house.

Click the button below to learn more about our skate bowl construction methods as well as how you can order yours today!

Skate Bowls